Griffin Park, Brentford

Key deliverables and scope
Griffin Park is a new-build mixed-use development in Brentford, West London. The site is the former home of Brentford City Football Club and the existing stadium, built in 1904, is undergoing demolition.

In preparing for the development of the site, EcoWorld engaged the services of DGP to investigate and determine the extent and depth of services lying directly underneath the entrance to the stadium. Working within an extremely confined space, we were required to excavate a footpath and create slit trenches to identify the live services.

Achieving our client’s objectives
The site is situated within the middle of a busy residential street. To keep the area clear throughout the works, we liaised with the local council to obtain parking bay and yellow line suspensions prior to commencement of the works. We also implemented full pedestrian traffic management throughout to enable pedestrians to move safely around the works area.

On completion of the works, all recorded details of our work were presented to EcoWorld within our report. The outcome of our findings subsequently enabled EcoWorld’s design team to begin safely designing the Bellmouth entrance to adequately support the loads of various vehicles entering the stadium.

Adding value
Work of this nature is extremely high risk, due to the potential to damage underground services. Using experienced personnel, DGP provided solutions to minimise these risks by adopting a ‘no dig’ technique and using a vacuum excavator.

Project value:£10,000
Contract period:August 2021 – August 2021

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