DGP is extremely proud to have received some great feedback from Marsham Primary School, a local school situated close to our Bure Valley Path project, and the first school to participate in our planned programme of ‘Let’s go Planting’ workshops.

“We had the privilege of a visit last week from DGP who kindly donated two silver birch trees for our school. Michael, Divisional Director, shared a presentation with the children, recognising why it was important to keep a workplace tidy and safe as well as why trees are good for our environment.

The children enthusiastically participated in the discussion, sharing their thoughts on staying safe, what is damaging our planet and what we can do to help. All the children were involved in the planting of the trees, which they thoroughly enjoyed, helping dig, lift, and plant, whilst wearing their own high visibility jackets and hard hats! Thank you for this opportunity. We will take good care of our new trees and look forward to them blooming in the spring.”

Mrs Pickering, Marsham Primary School

By planting trees at local schools, DGP infrastructure seeks to:

  • Educate children on the importance of improving the environment for future generations
  • Promote and raise awareness of the construction industry
  • Reduce the adverse effects of climate change and the impact of carbon emissions on the environment
  • Provide a positive, lasting legacy within the local communities in which we work

As part of our environmental and social responsibility initiatives, DGP is proud to announce we have held our first ‘Let’s go Planting’ Day at Marsham Primary School, a school located within close proximity to our Bure Valley Path project in Norfolk.

This is the first in a programme of tree planting workshops planned for 2022, where we contact local schools close to each project we undertake and invite them to participate. Michael McMillan, Divisional Director, delivered a presentation to schoolchildren on the day, and talked around what working within construction industry entails, the importance of looking after our environment, and how trees play their part in this.

Following the presentation, the children had fun putting on the child-sized PPE including hard hats and hi-vis jackets, and then went off to plant two trees within the school grounds.

Finally, the children received a Ty D Sites children’s book to take home with them. The book encourages children to see construction as an exciting, open and welcoming industry and features a range of characters from diverse backgrounds.

The afternoon was a great success, with a number of children saying they wanted to build when they grow up!

DGP Infrastructure is currently working with Norfolk County Council (NCC) on the Bure Valley Path in Norfolk, a 9-mile rural walking and cycling path located between historic Aylsham and Wroxham in the heart of the Broads National Park.

The project has received funding from EXPERIENCE, a 3-year project led by NCC that aims to deliver a series of initiatives and infrastructure improvements to enhance sustainable tourism across six regions of the UK and France. As part of this improvement programme, the Bure Valley Path will receive a series of surface and infrastructure upgrades.

DGP is undertaking significant infrastructure works to six sections of the Bure Valley Path, which runs alongside the Bure Valley Railway, and these works include widening, levelling, and re-surfacing the path and installing heritage infrastructure (gates, fencing and seating), mile markers and gateway arches.

The works have been progressing well since we started at Coltishall in December 2021, and we are looking forward to moving on to the next section of works in February.


1 in 6 children and young people have a diagnosable mental health problem, and many more struggle with challenges from bullying to bereavement.

DGP are proud to be sponsoring Champion Aerobic Gymnastics, giving children from all different backgrounds the opportunity to learn new skills and thrive. Not only is gymnastics good for physical fitness, it also has huge benefits to young people’s mental health.

If you are worried your child might be struggling with their mental health, you will find this guide useful when talking to them:

The HR Team, Site advocates and Management all pulled together to bring awareness around Time to Talk Day across DGP sites.

We took the opportunity to check in with our people through a Wellness Pulse Survey (and some Krispy Kremes) discussing with everyone how important it is to take time to talk about our mental health, look after ourselves and each other.

DGP Infrastructure has successfully completed the reconstruction of a fire station drill yard on behalf of our client, the Royal Berkshire Fire Service and Rescue.

Our works on this project included:
· Reconstructing the drill yard with part in-situ reinforced concrete, and part asphalt surfacing
·Installing surface water drainage channels and connecting, repairing and redirecting previous surface water drains to suit the newly laid surface
·Completing all associated perimeter detailing
·Installing new automated vehicle gates, in close collaboration with the client’s directly appointed sub-contractor

Well done to our team who successfully completed the works, whilst ensuring the Fire Station continued its daily operations throughout the project duration.

Works are progressing nicely in Berkshire. DGP Infrastructure is tasked with resurfacing a station drill yard, including in-situ reinforced concrete and part asphalt surfacing.

Other works include installation of surface water drainage channels, repairs, redirecting of surface water and all associated perimeter detailing.

DGP Infrastructure are currently carrying out hard landscaping and associated external works at Princes Square in Bracknell, all whilst the shopping centre remains open.

We are pleased to see real progress being made on site and at the same time ensuring the safety of both the public and site personnel remain a priority at all times.

Road Safety Week – This year, Brake’s theme is ‘Road Safety Heroes’ and enables us to celebrate the people who make a difference – from teachers and campaigners to emergency services and road safety professionals.

DGP have nominated DGP Traffic Marshal, Bakary Fofana. Bakary is responsible, task-focused, friendly, well-mannered and follows site rules religiously. He has also been proactive in ways we can interact with the general public. One example was to produce a simple map for the elderly to help them with directions to a nearby hospital. This has been particularly useful for those who do not own a smartphone.

Congratulations Bakary, keep up the good work.

DGP operatives, clients and our fellow trades have all joined us in celebrating Black History Month. Our booklet, celebrating Black Briton’s historic achievements, has now been distributed across a number of our sites.

Pictured below are workers at the East Village NO6 site in Stratford, including DGP; Mace; Maylim; Metal Yapi (UK) Ltd; and Borough Engineering Services Ltd, all receiving copies of our booklet, distributed by DGP Contracts Manager, Kay Binning.

Kay commented, “The Black History Month booklet was an excellent educational initiative, something different and has been well received by all on site”.